The Federal District Court lacks jurisdiction to settle a criminal action, and lost jurisdiction before November 18, 2016.


By Leeland White July 3, 2017

Preelection President Trump was plagued by Trump University, LLC. Trump University which was a never a University should have forced the Department of Education through the Department of Justice to investigate and prosecute but never did when this RICO Action, Cohen v. Trump was filed under 18 USC § 1962. Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel of this Court being a former prosecutor should have ensured that the United States government intervened as well.

Many believe that one cannot settle a criminal case civilly. Further, 18 United States Code is not civil, it is, “Crimes and Criminal Procedure.” This Intervenor has experience with fake Universities, White v. Apollo, Group DBA University of Phoenix giving authority to intervene in the Trump University, LLC action in Cohen v. Trump. In addition authority became compelling when President Elect Donald Trump announced that he had entered into a settlement agreement in November 18, 2016 avoiding a Trial by Jury that were to commence on November 28, 2016. This litigant has an unalienable right to intervene based on Rule 24(a)(1) Fed. R. Civ. P., and Donald Trump and Trump University, LLC violated a United States Statute which is of no importance whether it be civil or criminal.

The settlement agreement on November 18, 2016 violated 18 USC § 1964(c) in which the minimum that could be settled were treble damages and was done after Donald Trump were elected President becoming a new criminal act as well. Any settlement in a RICO activity is an admission of guilt and is not a settlement but a plea bargain. Any other activity thus becomes a 18 USC § 241 act of, “Conspiracy,” further encumbering President Trump’s liberty.

To the chagrin of all litigants in this case is Rule 68 Fed. R. Civ. P., that took away the Courts Jurisdiction on November 10, 2016 to settle. This is because it is 14 days from November 28, 2016 being the last Jurisdictional Day of November 13, 2016. However, being Sunday, the next Jurisdictional Day was November 11, 2016. This too was veterans day. Thus, by law, the Court lost Jurisdiction on November 10, 2016. At any level, the activity of the Trump Legal Team violated 18 USC § 2071(b) by falsification and concealment, another new felony that incriminates the President and should have Sua Sponte prompted the Senate and House to move for impeachment.

As to punishmen t, a crime of fraud is categorized as 2B1.1 under United States Sentencing Commission Guidelines. For this activity, now President Trump has become one of the most heinous criminals in US history. First, a violation of this type is 3 years in prison. If it involves amounts over 10 million dollars, then it is 20 years in prison, and for each lawsuit of fraud another 3 years per suit. Technically speaking, there is no doubt that President Trump could be convicted to thousands of years in prison considering the unaudited and qualifying 4,000 law suits.

So on July 14, 2016, in San Diego, California there is a Court Day at 1:30 P.M. It will probably be canceled, but it is a good day to demonstrate for Justice and Impeachment of President Trump. Demand Gonzalo P. Curiel, to set aside the settlement agreement as he has a duty to do so, and impress upon this Federal District Court Judge through demonstration that President Trump should be prosecuted, must be prosecuted, leading to indictment.

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