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2018-09-18 19:00:09

Many people take their right to have a concealed pistol license in Michigan very seriously. Once you’ve lost that right it can be difficult to impossible to get it back. This article discusses the main reasons people lose their concealed pistol license.  


Drinking and Guns


Alcohol and guns do not mix. Carrying a firearm while having a blood alcohol content of .10 or over will result in a revocation of a concealed pistol license. Carrying a firearm with a BAC between .08 and .10 will result in a 3-year suspension of your CPL. Carrying a firearm with a BAC of over .08 is a misdemeanor. And finally, carrying a firearm with a BAC between .02 and .08 (a civil infraction) will result in a 1-year CPL suspension.


As you can see, alcohol and guns don’t mix. A blood alcohol content of .02 can be achieved by just one drink. This means that carrying your firearm after having only one drink can result in losing your concealed pistol license. The law makes itself clear – it does not want you to mix alcohol and guns.


Don’t Carry Your Concealed Firearm Where You Aren’t Allowed To


A person with a concealed pistol license may not carry their weapon concealed in all places (unless you fall under an exception such as law enforcement). The list of places includes school (except in the car), day cares, sports stadiums, places where alcohol is served, entertainment facilities that can hold over 2,500 people, places for religious worship (unless presiding official has given permission), hospitals, casinos, and college classrooms and dorms.


A person with a concealed pistol license can carry a firearm at these locations but the firearm cannot be concealed. The gun must be carried out in the open, such as in a holster.


A first-time violation of this law will result in a CPL suspension of 6 months. A second-time violation will result in a CPL revocation.


There Are Many Ways to Lose Your CPL


The above examples are just two ways that a person can lose their CPL. There are many more. Almost all criminal convictions will result in a revocation or suspension of the CPL. Most misdemeanors will result in at least a 3-year suspension of the CPL, and more serious misdemeanors will result in an 8-year suspension. All felonies will result in revocation of a CPL.


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